Yesung And His TTWW (Trending Topic World Wide) [English]

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Yesung And His TTWW (Trending Topic World Wide)

Some of Yesung’s TTWW in His Birthday


# Birthdayinyesung

# Happy29thYesung

Happy Birthday Yesung


Indonesia’s TT

# IndonesiaCintaYesung

# DdangkkomaFatherDay


Singapure’s TT

# SPYesungDay


When Super Junior did a press conference 6jib Sexy Free and Single, YESUNG’S name appears in the list TTWW Yesung with “Press-Con Yesung”


When SS4 Indonesia, Mas Yeye (special call from INDO ELF to Yesung ) to TTWW, because INDO ELF is watching  SS4 Jakarta, they called Yesung as “Mas Yeye, Yeye Mas” when Yesung walked through INDO ELF


Yesung and Shindong became TTWW. Names of the two members into TTWW when Suju Teaser photos 6jib Yesung and Shindong released at the same day.


Tokyo in Yesung was rocked TTWW. This is because Yesung tweeted “Tokyo in Yesung” it could make many ELF laugh because they thougth Yesung incorrectly written his tweet in English. But according to the narrative of a Korean ELF, Yesung saying this:

“The issue of updates (Yesung) that ‘Tokyo in Yesung!!’ You know what he meant? when he updates it, many fans from overseas who laughed at him. But, indeed, a few years ago, there was a very famous Korean drama (title) ‘lover in paris’ there is also ‘You are in here’. this (you are in here) is a famous word drama. Here dijudul it means “heart” so Yesung was going to say ‘Tokyo in Yesung heart’ ~ In addition, he wrote 내안 에 도쿄 있다 … which means ‘Tokyo is inside (heart) me’ on twitter, the next day after Tokyo in Yesung. . “(cr: @ cloudsINDONESIA source @ wwmisa)


# YesungGrayPaperInkigayo also in TTWW. This TTWW  happens when Yesung will perform his  latest song  to promotion ,its entitled “Gray Paper” on Inkigayo. This TTWW is a form of support from the ELF  to Yesung . Yesung felt nervous and less preparation will be performing  this song on stage at Inkigayo


Besides the yesung’s name that appears on the TTWW . Yesung’s name store has also been included in the list TTWW. For example: “WHY STYLE GoGo” ever be TTWW  when Yesung went to WHYSTYLE to visited the store’s glass eye. And also “H & G” has also entered the ranks TTWW when Yesung would go to a coffee shop became handsome cashiers and also  helping their parents.



“Super Jr & SHINee”, that is the current Yesung’stweet in Music Bank Jakarta  . And Yesung also upload some photos member of Super Junior and SHINee’s members were photographed in the waiting room for Music Bank. Yesung’s tweet was  absorbing a lot of attention from fans . So, Super Jr & SHINee entered into the ranks TTWW at night


And the latest TTWW which made by Yesung is # TeamYesung. This is becaused Yesung tweeted a selca photo and the pic was criticized by # Team86 동생 들 님 . They were Siwon, Eunhyuk and Donghae. All of them criticized the all-out style selca by Yesung that they are always the same.

Here’s their tweet-tweet:

Yesung Super Junior-Bully By Eunhyuk, Siwon, and Donghae

“The weather was not good. I also felt was not feeling well, “wrote Yesung via @ shfly3424 account.

Shortly after he posted the photo, Eunhyuk came to comment on the post’s Yesung.

“@ Shfly3424 Your face does not look too good, hyung … Gosh,” wrote Eunhyuk via @ AllRiseSilver account.

Following Siwondengan account @ siwon407 chimed Eunhyuk comment.

“@ AllRiseSilver @ shfly3424 Yes it’s true,” he wrote.

Then Donghae also appears to add a comment to Yesung.

“@ Siwon407 @ @ shfly3424 position AllRiseSilver same photo every day,” he wrote to the account @ donghae861015.

Siwon was once again like adding fuel to the flames with tweeted.

“@ Donghae861015 @ allrisesilver @ shfly3424 Yeah,” he wrote.

Seeing his third dongsaeng (sister) was mocked, Yesung was their reply to tweets.

“Is hyung … make a mistake? 86 (line, because Eunhyuk, Siwon, and Donghae was born in 1986) dongsaeng-nim (Yesung add affixes nim which means respect) RT @ donghae861015 @ siwon407 @ AllRiseSilver, “he wrote.


Seeing this cuteness, ELF was formed hastag # TeamYesung to defend Yesung and # Team86 동상 들 님 to defend Eunhyuk, Siwon, and Donghae. Both hastag is occupied Trending Topic in some countries even to Worldwide(Source: Sidomi)


Other pics of Yesung’s TTWW


Upload and Share by Little DeviArchiepool
@little_jongwoon at


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