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November 9, 2013 at 9:50 pm | Posted in Yesung | Leave a comment

데뷔8주년.. ELF ! 나지금은이렇게혼자있지만 항상진실된사랑을느끼게해줘서고마워^^ 앞으로도 진심을다해노래할께.. 곁에있어줘서너무고마워정말.. 답답하고..

BYURgc3CAAEuvLU.jpg large

SuperShow5 in Mexico! I really really wanted to join, too. Wait for me, ELFs ^^

BYir4o0CUAIJvLf.jpg large

Mexico ELF love U~^^

BYmd5wvCUAAc4A3.jpg large

기웅이랑 안경바꿔끼기놀이 ㅋㅋ


비오고 우울한날 좋은날씨와함께했던추억을 함께하며~^^

BYof17zCYAE2wmq.jpg large


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