Lirik Lagu BLIND 내 욕심이 많았다 Yesung SM THE BALLAD Vol.2

February 13, 2014 at 2:29 pm | Posted in Yesung | 12 Comments

Korean :

Cham manhi haengbok haesseotda neoran sarameul mannaseo
Nae gaseumeun maeil seolletgo, nae du nuneun neoman boyeotgo
Geuttaen neo-ege michyeosseotji
Neol saranghandan iyuro nae ane deo gadugo jichige haesseotji
*Nae yokshimi manhatda neol geuraeseo irheotda
Sarangi neomchigo neomchyeo heulleo dashin neol bol su eobke dwaetda
Sangcheoman nameun heot sarang alji mothan geu ttaen
Geurae, nae yokshimi manhatda
Da jarhae nael geot gatatda neo manhan saram eobseoseo
Nan haengboge nuni meoreoseo ni maeumeul bol su eobseotji
Neol ulligo himdeulge haesseotji
Nae jalmoshi manhatda
Jal almyeonseodo hae jul su bakke eobneun mal
Deo beorigo beoryeodo nae yokshimi namaseo
Neo eobshin neo eobshin na andwel geot gata
Majimak butagida
Yeojeonhi neoneun nae sarang arajura jebal
Geurae geurae naneun ni gyeote itgo shipda
Ajik nae sarangi namatda

English Trans :

I’ve been really happy, for meeting someone like you.
My heart fluttered everyday, my two eyes only saw you.
That time I was crazy over you.
I locked myself up with the reason I love you, it must be tiring you out.
*I was too greedy, that’s why I lost you.
My love was too much, it overflowed.
It made me can’t see you again.
That time I couldn’t understand that being uncommitted only hurt you.
That’s right, I was too greedy.
I thought I could do everything well because there’s no one like you.
I was blind to happiness, that’s why I couldn’t see what’s in your heart.
I just made you cry and gave you a hard time.
I made too many mistakes.
Even though I know it well, I just can’t say it.
Because even if I throw and throw it away, my greed just remains.
Without you, without you, I think I wouldn’t be able to live.
This is my last request.
Please know that you are still my love.
That’s right, that’s right, I want to be by your side.
My love is still remained.

Korean Lyrics : Daum
Romanization + Translation : claird’lune @



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  1. chingu ijin share ya….

  2. saya ijin copas ^__^ looope it,,,

  3. Kangen suara yesung…..
    Ijin share yahh:)

  4. Liriknya nyess u.u
    Izin share ne~

  5. Ijin Copy ya 🙂

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