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Hangul lyrics

I loved you from the start, you
It’s never gonna change
I swear to god
말문을 막는 한숨
말이 없는 입술
그 시간에 선 너와 나 (그 곳에)
아무도 없는 빗 속
혼자만 남은 우산
그 허전함에 멈춰서
귀를 막고 아닐 거야
눈을 감아 아무렇지 않은 척해 보지만 I know
왠지 모르게 눈 앞에 비가 내리고
그대로 난 아무 말 할 수 없었어 하루만
멀어지는 구름을 잡아줘
너를 막아선 빗물이 멎지 않게
흘러가는 이 시간을 또 잡아줘
이 순간을 멈춰 사랑이 멎지 않게
Oh, 하늘은 먹구름에 눈물을 쏟아내고
목놓아 부르지만 네 이름을 담은 메아리 마저
빗소리에 잠겨 날 삼켜도 괜찮아
심장은 젖지 않아, 사랑은 멎지 않아
번지는 기억을 씻어내지 마 (지워내려 하지마)
이어진 끈을 녹이려 하지 마 (끊어내려 하지마)
얼음 같은 비가 심장에 박혔나 봐 이 끝이 없는
Raining spell
내게 돌아오는 주문이 된다면, 돌아온다면
온 몸이 젖어도 견딜 수 있을 텐데
손을 뻗어도 크게 불러도
퍼붓는 비 틈에 희미해져 Oh 맘 속에
참았던 네가 다시 쏟아져
눈물이 언제쯤 그칠 수 있을까
잃어버린 널 찾아 헤매다
너를 놓아준
빗물을 원망해도
마지막 흘린 한 방울을 담아
내 두 눈을 감아
사랑이 멎지 않게

Romanized Lyrics

I loved you from the start, you know
It’t never gonna change
I swear to god
malmuneul makneun hansum
mari eopsneun ipsul
geu sigane seon neowa na (geu gose)
amudo eopsneun bit sok
honjaman nameun usan
geu heojeonhame meomchwoseo
gwireul makgo anil geoya
nuneul gama amureohji anheun cheokhae
bojiman I know
waenji moreuge nun ape biga naerigo
geudaero nan amu mal hal su eopseosseo
meoreojineun gureumeul jabajwo
neoreul magaseon bismuri meojji anhge
heulleoganeun i siganeul tto jabajwo
i sunganeul meomchwo sarangi meojji
Oh, haneureun meokgureume nunmureul
moknoha bureujiman ne ireumeul dameun
meari majeo
bissorie jamgyeo nal samkyeodo
simjangeun jeojji anha, sarangeun meojji
beonjineun gieogeul ssiseonaeji ma
(jiwonaeryeo hajima)
ieojin kkeuneul nogiryeo haji ma
(kkeunheonaeryeo hajima)
eoreum gateun biga simjange bakhyeona
bwa i kkeuti eopsneun Raining spell
naege doraoneun jumuni doendamyeon,
on momi jeojeodo gyeondil su isseul tende
soneul ppeodeodo keuge bulleodo
peobusneun bi teume huimihaejyeo Oh
mam soge
chamadeon nega dasi ssodajyeo
nunmuri eonjejjeum geuchil su isseulkka
ilheobeorin neol chaja hemaeda
neoreul nohajun
bismureul wonmanghaedo
majimak heullin han bangureul dama
nae du nuneul gama
sarangi meojji anhge

English Translation

I loved you from the start、you know
it’s never gonna change
I swear to god
Sighs that blocks our words
Our lips that are silent
you and I standing in that moment(that
in this rain where no one else is around
Where umbrellas are left alone
We’ve stopped in this emptiness
I plug my ears and say no
close my eyes、pretend nothing has
happened but I know
for some reason、it starts to rain
I can’t say anything just like that for a day
stop the clouds that are getting away
so this rain blocking you from me will not
stop the time that is going away
stop this moment so the love will not stop
oh、the sky is pouring out its tear through
the clouds
I call you out with all my lungs、even the
echoes containing your name
gets swallowed by the rain。 It’s okay if the
rain devours me
my heart won’t get well、the love won’t
do not wash my memories away(do not
try to erase them)
don’t try to melt the strings that connect
them(don’t try to cut it)
this ice-like-rain must have stabbed my
heart, an endless raining spell
if this becomes a spell aimed back at me、
back at me
I can take it, even if my whole body gets
I reach out、shout out
and disappear in this pouring rain, oh in my
you are overflowing
when could these tears stop?
Looking around for you whom I’ve lost
blaming the rain for it,
l let you go
I take my last drop of tears
I close my eyes
so the love will not stop


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